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George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC is an international acupuncturist, health coach and healthcare pioneer based in London. An expert in strong natural medicine, he specialises in chronic illness, rapid pain relief, stress relief and optimising all vital functioning.

He treats many patients with ‘difficult to treat’ conditions. He works with professional athletes, fighters and yogis to keep them in peak condition.

He works with business leaders and senior managers to establish a workplace culture, environment and infrastructure that fosters well being and productivity.

George teaches the Chinese tradition of ‘Yang Sheng’ or ‘Nourishing Life’, the art and science of using your daily habits as your principle medicine. George has helped thousands of people to greater health and vitality naturally, and with his wealth of experience and connection with other healthcare professionals and brands, offers you comprehensive support for your health.

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“I recommend George to everybody looking for the successful care of any health problem. I will be grateful forever for your immediate pain relief, understanding and support you gave me. George is the first reference for my children and me in order to balance our state of health.” – BETTY, MIDWIFE

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Acupuncture, part of traditional Chinese medicine, is all about restoring and sustaining balance and harmony – in modern times we refer to this as homeostasis; the self regulating, self balancing mechanism that sustains life.

Chinese medicine has survived and thrived for well over 3000 years because it has this as its central focus. ‘Side effects’ is a clever name for ‘new symptoms’, so we might as well avoid them or treat them whenever possible.

George is an leading expert in Chinese pulse diagnosis and can accurately diagnose many health conditions in seconds that do not show up on scans and machinery tests as they are designed for more critical stage diagnosis. George considers treating these things before they become critical is the most ethical and responsible method.

The insertion of fine needles into specific pressure points around the body stimulates the healing response in the body and mind to reduce symptoms and improve wellness. Pain is often relieved within seconds of the insertion of needles, probably unlike any acupuncture you’ve experienced before.

George uses Chinese medicine to identify and help you upgrade your mindset, daily lifestyle and dietary habits for long term health.

Structural alignment treatments don’t involve needles and work on creating structural integrity throughout your internal architecture, redistributing pressure evenly through your system. Somewhat similar to cranial osteopathy, they are a very gentle light-touch treatment that allows the body to readjust into a more balanced structure without force or strain.


The Way of Balance and Harmony

A system of natural healthy living practices and philosophies that help you regulate your own health day by day.

Our habits either take us into more balance and harmony or more imbalance and discord. Beneficial lifestyle changes are fundamental to health and vitality long term.

In the ancient ‘Yang Sheng’ (or ‘Nourishing Life’) tradition, George has created the Way of Balance and Harmony, after many years study of ancient Chinese science, internal alchemy and lifestyle wisdom, to give you access to secrets of self cultivation so you can manage your own health in your own time.

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“George is an extremely knowledgeable and generous teacher, who greatly helped me further my understanding of myself.  His honest and kind nature makes learning from him a real pleasure.
George has much practical as well as scholarly experience, and is someone I continually go back to for further learning.”
Alex Lohoré, Bellator (Welterweight)
“I have been visiting George for Acupuncture throughout my MMA career to help with injuries I sustain after fights or throughout my training camps. Not only does George work wonders with my injuries he is always available to offer great advice and share his knowledge.
George has never failed to cure my injuries and always leaves my body feeling flexible, relaxed and most importantly pain free enabling me to preform my best at all times. If you are an athlete that struggles with injuries or a patient that suffers with illness I would highly recommend George!”


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