Vitality Meditations

Vitality Meditations

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Since the easing of lockdown measures in the UK, this course is now 50% off. 

This meditation course, for beginners to intermediate meditators, consists of 12 weekly lessons, each with a 10-minute guided meditation to relax with daily. This makes it really easy to meditate and experience immediate rewards. (Scroll down for samples)

This course develops your ability to:

  • relax properly in body and mind, quickly and easily
  • settle into a natural and easy rhythm in life
  • stimulate a fresh flow of nutritious and well-oxygenated blood to all parts of your body
  • stimulate a healthy nervous system
  • develop your balance structurally and emotionally through time
  • enlighten yourself from what troubles you
  • remain present and self aware
  • use the principle of Cleaning & Strengthening to regulate your health
  • focus your attention on what is most wanted
  • learn to recognise and phase out unnecessary habits that drain energy
  • prepares you for deep meditation practice

Over the last 20 years I have studied various traditional Chinese sciences and internal arts such as neidan (internal alchemy, including meditation), qigong, tai chi chuan, feng shui, nutrition, medicine, geometry, cosmology and philosophy (Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism). These different disciplines are grounded in ideological principles such as qi, yin and yang and the five elements (wu xing). Central to all these ideas is the source of all things, nominally called dao. In other beliefs the same concept may be referred to as God, the self, the centre, stillness, the universe, the present moment, the whole. Concentrating on and ultimately abiding in this presence is the path by which suffering ends and lasting peace reigns.

Based on what I have found to be most integral to health and vitality of body, mind and spirit, I have collated the techniques in this course to chart a path from the most fundamental aspects of meditation through to more complex Daoist techniques to regulate your health and internal state and ultimately to prepare you for deep meditation – the thoughtless state.

This information has only survived for thousands of years because people consistently find high value in it – continuing to learn, practise, research and teach these methods generation after generation, century after century, keeping these ancient wisdoms alive and potent.

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Since the easing of lockdown measures in the UK, this course is 50% off. 

Online written course with 12 guided meditations (10 minutes each) over 12 weeks – one meditation is released each week to encourage a progression from one level to the next.

The combination and sequence of these meditations, when practised regularly, is what brings the real rewards. This course will bring you better control of your health and direction in life, so you can relax into the possibilities that most excite you.

The meditations:

  1. In the beauty of nature (sample below)
  2. Just sit
  3. YinYang Breathing
  4. Standing
  5. Wuji
  6. 3 Dantien
  7. Cosmic Orbit
  8. 3 Dantien Cosmic Orbit
  9. Balance Harmony Vitality
  10. Mountain & River (sample below)
  11. Abundance of Health and Wealth
  12. Purity->Perfection


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